Other Activities

Other Achievements:

  1. The society was running a scientific journal “Journal of Microbial World” from 1999 to 2014.  Five proceedings of various conferences have been published in     the journal.
  2. The society is having its branches at many Universities in India and abroad
  3. At present there are two hundred & seventy six life members of the society. (Up to 20/08/2019)
  4. The society has conducted virtual classes in Microbiology in 250 colleges and 100 teachers have delivered lectures.
  5. The Society has created one Microbiology Group on Telegram and more than 2000 students are members of that group. The information of Job opportunities, Seminars, Conferences, Workshops, Training in Microbiology is given in the group.
  6. The Society has organized 3 National and International Webinars in Microbiology.
  7. The Society has about 200 Student units in India and abroad. About 7000 students were enrolled as a annual members of Microbiologists Society, India.

Yearly Topic For Awareness 

  1. Microbiology Society, India is declaring one topic every year for creating awareness in the society.
    1. Biofertlizers and Bio Pesticides. 2014-15
    2. Pure Water for better health – 2015-16
    3. Protect Your Teeth – 2016-17
    4. Genetically modified foods. 2017-18
    5. Antibiotic Resistance – 2018-19  
    6. Microbs for clean Environmental – 2019-20

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