Microbiologist society held many conferences to date;

  1. State Level Conference  On “Microbial Technology”  at Karad (M.S.) in Dec. 1996.
  2. National Conference on ‘Biofertilizers and Biopesticides’ at Karad (M.S.) in Dec. 1997.
  3. International conference of SAARC countries on “Biotechnology in Agriculture, Industry and Environment” at Karad (M.S.) in Dec. 2001.
  4. International conference on “Biotechnology for better tomorrow” at Aurangabad from 6 to 9 Feb. 2011.
  5. International conference on “Agro-Biotechnology for sustainable development” at Colombo, Sri-Lanka from 12- 13 March 2012.
  6. International conference on “Recent Trends Environmental Biotechnology ” at Bhutan from 9-10 May 2013.
  7. International conference on “Biotechnology for Better Tomorrow” at Mauritius from 18-19 November 2013.
  8. International Conference on “Biotechnology and Bio Engineering” at Dubai from 29-30 October 2014.
  9. International Conference on “Biotechnology for better tomorrow” at USA  from 29,30, 31 October 2015
  10. National conference on “Climate Change Biodiversity and Bioresource  Management”, at Jawaharlal Nehru Rajkiya Mahavidyalaya, Port Blair, Andaman 2 Nov. 2016
  11. International Conference on “Microbiology Technology for Better tomorrow” at D Y Patil College, Pune (Maharashtra) on 17 Feb. To 19 Feb. 2018.
  12. International Conference on “Microbiology Technology for Better tomorrow” at DAV College, Nepal  on 11 May To 12 May 2019.

First name

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Final name

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