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Microbiologists Society was established in March 1996 and registered in November 1996 in Satara, Maharashtra India. (MAH/4814/SAT) Any person graduate in life science and interested in Microbiology can enroll as a member of Microbiologists society.

   The aims and objectives

  1. To organize courses in Microbiology at all levels of education.
  2. To cultivate liaison between governmental and non- governmental institutions academies, societies and other organization non-organizations in the field of microbiology.
  3. To advise the government and its agencies on the microbiological problems of public interest.
  4. To co-operate and affiliate with international organizations in the field of microbiology.
  5. To hold and sponsor or support conferences, seminars, symposia, exhibition and meeting and to arrange lectures and demonstrations on any aspects of Microbiology.
  6. To encourage and support research in microbiology.
  7. To established library of microbiology literature.
  8. To arrange funds and donations etc. for the promotion of subject activities
  9. To do and perform all other activities that may assist in the fulfillments of the above mentioned objects.

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